CHN congratulates and celebrates the graduates of 2014. May the Lord continue to increase you more and more in all that you do.

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Congrats Grads

Between us I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the graduates of 2014.  I am very sure that the road towards success was not easy...
July 14th 2014Views 89Comments 0


Fathers day, another day and time of the year when "Fathers" are being recognized by the world at large. Fathers are individuals that play an active...
July 13th 2014Views 58Comments 0

Father's day message from a teen.

People are accustomed of saying Happy Father's Day to any man with a child.  But we need to stop and take a deeper look at the characteristics of a...
July 13th 2014Views 54Comments 0

Who Are You

Now you did not get here by any mere chance Nor was your arrival by some strange dance There can be no boasting of anything you or your parents did For...
July 13th 2014Views 2338Comments 0


Preparation: making the necessary arrangements in getting ready for a task, event, meeting etc. Preparation is the main element towards having...
July 13th 2014Views 54Comments 0


Love makes the world go around The love of God is so profound Man's love is not always true Sometimes it does not really come through We are so selfish...
July 13th 2014Views 61Comments 0

Bone fracture

Bones may seem strong, like they can't break, but they do. Falling off your bike or out of a tree can cause a few scratches and bruises, but you can...
July 13th 2014Views 142Comments 0

TRIVIA July 2014

What was the name of the young boy Jesus revealed his identity to? Jeremiah Solomon Paul What did the young boy say about...
July 13th 2014Views 58Comments 0

The Treasures Of A Mother

My mother is one of the most special people in my life. She is very encouraging and gives up all that she has for me. There are times when my mother...
May 20th 2014Views 171Comments 0

Wisdom keys

Wisdom keys with Dr Segun OshinagaMy people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge. Be economical with your TIME but generous with your TALENTGoodness...
May 20th 2014Views 173Comments 0

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Photo: Getty Images

It's been officially forever since we've heard new tunes from Ashley Tisdale. She memorably played (and sang as) Sharpay Evans on High School Musical way back in 2006—can you believe it's been that long?—and though she's recorded a few solo albums since then, this new track just might be our favorite.

"You're Always Here" is ballady and beautiful and a whole lot less straight-up pop than Guilty Pleasure, her aptly-named 2009 release. But a lot has changed in Ashley's life in the last few years. She's grown up a lot. She's engaged. She's gone from blonde to brunette, and back again. So it's no surprise that her music has matured in a big way, too.

A true labor of love, the song was penned by Ashley, produced by her fiance, and dedicated to her late grandfather. Oh, and? Part of the proceeds go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, which makes the whole thing even sweeter. So download your copy on iTunes pronto—but first, watch this behind-the-scenes video about the making of the song.

She's Baaaaack! After a Too-Long Hiatus, Ashley Tisdale Surprises Everyone with a Brand-New Track She's Baaaaack! After a Too-Long Hiatus, Ashley Tisdale Surprises Everyone with a Brand-New Track


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